About Us

Our notecards are constructed using handmade recycled paper by students in Ottawa County, Michigan. The students are from the Community Based Instruction sites of Grand Haven, Holland and Hudsonville.

Students from the Ottawa Area Center are using this opportunity as a volunteer work site. The students participate in jobs from the beginning of the process by sorting, shredding, and bagging the paper to be recycled. They also work on the line through various jobs of dipping, framing, vacuuming, running the switch, hanging paper, and rolling. Students also take time to participate by the gluing in of the inserts, packaging, and selling of the products. Staff and students are having fun learning and performing the various jobs that Papermaking has to offer.

The Ottawa Area Intermediate School District's Community Based Instruction Programs received a Michigan Transition Services Association Mini-Grant to start a papermaking program in 2005.

Not only does your purchase help support this program, but additionally, 5% of each sale goes to A.C.T. (Artists Creating Together), which is a group that seeks to disable disabilities through art.